De thatch

De thatch

De thatching or power raking is used to remove a layer of material above the soil and below the grass. More than half an inch of thatch and your lawn could use a power raking. We do recommend a top dressing and overseeding with this service as it leaves bare areas for weeds to germinate.



Aerating your lawn allowed for air and water to reach the root system. compact soil creates a thatch build up and reduces availability of nutrition to the root system.


Soil Sample

We can send your soil out for analysis. This will allow us to treat your lawn and garden with the right amendments. The analysis will tell us N/P/K levels, soil content, and particulates.


Top dress and Seed

Whatever your company is most known for should go right here, whether that's bratwurst or baseball caps or vampire bat removal.



We can mow your lawn once a week or twice a month. depending on your turf quality and time of year we can adjust our mowing service. Our regular lawn service includes edging all areas around buildings,trees, and pathways. mowing to maintain a healthy grass height, and blowing off any pathways and driveway areas of debris to keep a neat and tidy appearance to the property.


Brushing and Clearing

Residual areas and banks around your property can be maintained with our heavy brushing equipment. Debris can be removed from site to keep your property fire safe.

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